Air pollution is more dangerous than you think

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Climate change and sustainability are such big topics right now, what with the Extinction Rebellion protests and the recent rise in veganism among the general population. But a much-overlooked area of environmental awareness is the amount of pollution in the air. Research suggests that in the UK alone, around 13,000 people die every year from air pollution-related illnesses. So what can you do to protect yourself and to reduce the emissions that you produce?

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • If you walk or cycle on busy roads, try to find an alternative route where there is less traffic to reduce the fumes you inhale.
  • Keep plants in your house: plants produce oxygen, a raised level of which in the air reduces air pollutants.
  • Keep windows open: air pollutants can harbour inside from sources such as cooking and gas fires.
  • Clean air ducts regularly and buy an air purifier: not essential but beneficial if you spend the majority of your time indoors.

How can you reduce your contributions?

  • AirTake public transport: simply reducing the number of vehicles on the road can enormously reduce gas emissions.
  • Choose sustainable products: Iā€™m not saying everyone needs to go vegan but maybe be more mindful as to how the things you buy are being produced.
  • Save energy: not only does this save money, but you are also saving the planet! Do you really need the heating on? Do you really need to put your clothes in the dryer, or can they hang dry? Be creative, and you can really reap the benefits with cleaner air and cheaper bills!

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