Air pollution is more dangerous than you think

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Climate change and sustainability are such big topics right now, what with the Extinction Rebellion protests and the recent rise in veganism among the general population. But a much-overlooked area of environmental awareness is the amount of pollution in the air. Research suggests that in the UK alone, around 13,000 people die every year from air pollution-related illnesses. So what can you do to protect yourself and to reduce the emissions that you produce?

Plastic Bags Kenya

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Three cheers to Kenya for tackling it’s plastic bag problems. As of now Kenyans producing, selling or even using plastic bags will risk imprisonment of up to four years or fines of $40,000 (£31,000), as the world’s toughest law aimed at reducing plastic pollution came into effect. WOW, no messing there. Kenya is showing the READ MORE

Plastic Sea environment

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Nice sign, near Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth Dorset. Good beaches, nice sunny day, lots of people out and about on August Bank Holiday. This was just a simple reminder. Before the introduction and implementation of European legislation, Britain was labeled the ‘dirty man of Europe‘, beaches overflowing with sewage, filthy rivers, excessive power station emissions and READ MORE