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“Mahatma” Gandhi led the struggle for India’s independence from British rule with a non-violent campaign based on peaceful protest. Whatever our politics or nationality this is impressive, an individual overthrowing a foreign power using peaceful means as a weapon!


“I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible”

That’s not to say any old Donald, Theresa, Vladimir, Benjamin, Mohammed or Joe Blogs, can walk into your house and use the crapper whenever they want. It just means being open minded to other cultures, live and let live, not live and let die.

Compare Gandhi with current leaders: beat the chest, hurl bellicose hyperboles. Play chicken or drop bombs, the only result being “collateral damage” (for which read human deaths). Then our wonderful leaders cross their fingers and hope for the best; no real plan or thinking, no idea how it will end. Just one mess after another, with the piles of glorious dead growing higher.

Politicians stopped following The Social Contract a long time ago, whereby people gave up certain individual freedoms in return for government protections. Now people are irrelevant, cannon fodder in The Game of Thrones leaders like to play. The People? Bah humbug, so what if they’re dying, there’s more where they came from.

In Gandhi’s time we had the war to end all wars (1914-1918) and one man standing up to an empire; now according to the Global Peace Index there are just 10 countries completely free from conflict, out of a total of 196 listed by the United Nations (although Sepp Blatter used to recognise 211, as this meant more money into FIFA’s coffers). It’s like the war on drugs, lasting over 50 years, costing billions and untold deaths and with what result? A big zilch. The only winners being the drug dealers.

Gandhi - Drug

As the world becomes more “developed” so the number of conflicts increase, odd but true. And it can’t go on, at some point a twitchy finger will drop onto the Big Button, accidentally or otherwise. Then we really will be into wild mushrooms.

Building walls means not talking and isolation, while an eye for an eye means escalating revenge, both of which will produce MOAW! That’s Mother of All Wars not Mother of All Walls. A nice nuclear one, full of noise and collateral damage, with fried chicken n’ mushroom on the side. Everyone’s Last Dinner.

Nuclear Bomb Explosion
Oops, we pressed the wrong button!

Leaders: By their deeds you shall know them

  1. Syria & Iraq, 6 years old, 500,000 dead, 12 million uprooted. Trending nicely in first place.
  2. Afghanistan, a right “nut job” by the Americans, 15 years old and still developing. Reliable top ten performer, no end in sight.
  3. South Sudan, the world’s youngest country so suffering natural birth pangs. Ask any mother. Like ethnic violence, millions displaced, mass atrocities, the usual stuff.
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo, endemic corruption, dodgy politicians, tribal conflict. Been at it for years, yawn.
  5. Turkey, domestic conflicts, dictatorial ruler, economy a mess. Best buy the sun tan elsewhere.
  6. Yemen, a humanitarian catastrophe, naughty Saudi Arabian bombing. But who cares, where is Yemen anyway?
  7. North Korea, thought of as a joke and ruled by a nutter, so who knows what might happen.
  8. Myanmar/Indonesia, 70 years of conflict and still not bored of death. That’s really dumb.
  9. Ukraine, crippling conflict and corruption, which is no big deal, except Russia is involved…
  10. Mexico, “full of drug dealers, criminals, and rapists” (said by Trump, a model modern leader)

30 years ago Germany got rid of The Berlin Wall which divided the country…

Gandhi - Germany Wall Coming Down
And they don’t want it back
Gandhi - Israeli Palestine Wall
While Israel’s Wall is building a war




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