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Climate change deniers deny the extent of global warming or that it’s connected to human behaviour. Most deniers are supporters of fossil fuel, or religious extremists, who say only god can affect the weather. But as someone once said, “follow the money” and boy, do the fossil fuel, automobile, shipping and aviation industries have money. Which means political power as well, far more than those who are merely frightened for their children’s future. The data on global warming is there and scientists have been analysing it for ages, with the same conclusion.

What Deniers do is hire “scientists” to talk direct, not to other scientists but the public. “Hey everyone, listen to this other guy in a white coat who says that it isn’t happening”. Bingo, public confused!

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Individuals may deny but every major international body now accepts the evidence, climate change is happening and we are the cause.

As individuals we can use our bike more, eat less meat, recycle waste and so on. But the main problem is fossil fuel companies and they must be held to account. Big business is very good at spreading Fake News, but remember, Munch on too many false facts and we’ll go mad. Let’s show we don’t believe the big corporations and their “fake scientists”

Let’s wear the shirt to say yes, we do Mind about the Climate


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