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The social climate today seems to be one of frowns; storming down roads, onto buses, trains. Even climbing high into planes, frowns everywhere. Dark gloomy ones, occasionally building into thunder and lightning. Why, where’s the benefit? We know instinctively that smiling increases health and happiness, makes us more relaxed and open. Jeez it even makes us look better, when did a frowning mug-shot ever win a beauty contest? Smiling is contagious, a win-win for everyone. It is the facial expression we recognise the quickest, within 10 thousandth of a second we can see it, far faster than any other expression.

“Eureka” (Greek cry of joy when discovering something)
“Eureka” (Greek cry of joy when discovering something)

A “light-bulb moment” is a sudden realization; one famous example being Archimedes getting into the bath, noticing the water level rose and realising that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of his submerged body parts. This meant the volume of irregular objects could now be measured. Eager to share his discovery he leapt out of the bathtub and ran naked through the streets, shouting Eureka.
Our light-bulb moment is now, when we realise we may as well smile, what’s to lose?

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