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We can now use enormous amounts of information and experiences to help make better decisions. We’re doing it in most areas except one, politics. Political parties constantly show themselves inept and unwilling to use these resources in policy making. Instead we get “confident” individuals making big promises which they fail to keep. Simplistic soundbites to curry favour, then abandoned. Shame on them, to hold the electorate, their paymaster, in such contempt. Most countries now have two main parties, sounding increasingly the same, like two cheeks on the same bottom. Waddling in unison, differentiated only by the level of noise each makes. Quantity trumping quality, volume and repetition drowning out clear thought. And once the vote is in who cares what was said?
Flip Flops
Surely there should be conviction politics, each party using the accumulated information and resources, experiences and intellect, to work out what they think the country needs and how best to deliver? Manifestos they actually believe in! Then they argue and the electorate decides. Anything else is false and a waste of our time.
Mae West
Until political parties get their act together is there any point in voting? No, so let’s not bother. Boycott Elections. A zero turnout produces a tie, so politicians would then be chosen on a random basis by the Election Returning Officer. Like the toss of a coin, drawing of straws, or names in a hat. What fun and could be packaged into a Saturday night TV lottery draw type thing, with the winners running on stage, all sweat, Lycra and gleaming teeth to thank Lady Fate and their Mum. Why not, could it be any worse than what we already have? So, until politicians come out with manifestos they believe in let’s just not vote.

Think Positive, don’t Vote.


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