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Fish commits suicide, what a thought! Young healthy fish knows it will die from plastic, a slow horrible death, so why not end it quickly? Surely that’s sensible. You’d do the same, wouldn’t you? We know that plastic, once added to the ocean doesn’t decay, possibly for centuries.

Fish Story - Ocean

We’re tossing about eight million tons of the stuff into the sea annually and they reckon there are now over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently sailing the seas, in large rubbish patches, growing bigger and bigger. Who knows, one day we may be able to hop across them all, like James Bond In “Live and Let Die” and travel the world. The downside is that at least 100 million marine mammals die each year!
If things continue as they are there will soon be more plastic in the sea than fish.! WOW!

Darwin Evolution - Fish Story
What would Darwin think of our evolution so far…?


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