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Broken Promises T-shirt


Men’s T-shirts Size Chart

How to measure

Here’s a little guide to help in ordering your T-shirts.
Choose a T-shirt that you know fits you well and take the following measurements:

  • A) Firstly the length of the T-shirt, this is done by measuring with a tape measure from the side of the neckline to the hem.
  • B) Secondly measure from the side of the chest at armpit level to the other side.


A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement

Once you have these measurements, you can compare the sizes of any of the T-shirts on our site.
You will sometimes see a design with A/B in it, next to measurement figures; A is the length or depth and B the chest or width.

Men’s T-shirts Size Chart

People and organisations now tap into enormous amounts of information and experiences to make better decisions. Except politicians, who just make promises they never keep. Shame on them, to hold the electorate, their paymaster, in such contempt. If politicians can’t be trusted and manifestos are meaningless, what’s the point of our political system?

If no-one voted a zero turnout would produce a tie, so politicians would then be chosen on a random basis, like the toss of a coin, drawing of straws, names in a hat. It could even be packaged into a Saturday night show, TV lottery draw type thing, with winners running on stage, all sweat, Lycra and gleaming teeth to thank Lady Fate and their Mum. Why not?

Let’s wear the shirt to show we’ve had enough of politicians.

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