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Women’s T-shirts Size Chart

How to measure

Here’s a little guide to help in ordering your T-shirts.
Choose a T-shirt that you know fits you well and take the following measurements:

  • A) Firstly the length of the T-shirt, this is done by measuring with a tape measure from the side of the neckline to the hem.
  • B) Secondly measure from the side of the chest at armpit level to the other side.


A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement

Once you have these measurements, you can compare the sizes of any of the T-shirts on our site.
You will sometimes see a design with A/B in it, next to measurement figures; A is the length or depth and B the chest or width.

Women's T-shirts Size Chart
SizeDress SizeA/B Sizes CM

There’s no reason why so much of the UK’s resources should be grabbed by London.
What arrogance! Let’s castrate its power bases (a big ouch I know, but there you go) and devolve them to the Regions. A body cannot be healthy if just one part of it is being looked after; imagine the human body with only its South East bit being fed. Ridiculous.

All the regions working to build upwards to a better whole, rather than one region building downwards for its own benefit.

Let’s wear the shirt to show support for more Regional Power

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