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There is No Planet B T-shirt


Women’s T-shirts Size Chart

How to measure

Here’s a little guide to help in ordering your T-shirts.
Choose a T-shirt that you know fits you well and take the following measurements:

  • A) Firstly the length of the T-shirt, this is done by measuring with a tape measure from the side of the neckline to the hem.
  • B) Secondly measure from the side of the chest at armpit level to the other side.


A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
A) T-Shirt Length Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement
B) T-Shirt Width Measurement

Once you have these measurements, you can compare the sizes of any of the T-shirts on our site.
You will sometimes see a design with A/B in it, next to measurement figures; A is the length or depth and B the chest or width.

Women's T-shirts Size Chart
SizeDress SizeA/B Sizes CM

We must find a better way to a lower carbon economy. For what is the meaning of life, if we live and work destroying the planet, thereby sacrificing the future of our children?

Some say we can simply move to another planet. Even if we can – in time – is that really a good idea? Mess up one home and move to another? Aren’t we supposed to be the intelligent species?

Let’s wear the shirt to show we put our planet first, Planet A

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